Recycling Rundown

Make every day Earth Day by using the convenient recycling containers in the garage of each building. The recycling doesn’t need to be sorted; just place all your recycling together in any bin. Please do not place recyclable material in plastic bags before putting them in the bins. 


Please rinse out containers, bottles, and jars. You don’t need to separate types of paper or remove staples or tape.


Make sure you only recycle the appropriate items. Placing other items, such as paper towels and Styrofoam, in the recycling bins could cause them to be contaminated and disposed of.


The following information can help you decide what materials are recyclable.



You may recycle all of your cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, and household packaging items that are labeled 1 – 7 near the three chasing arrows recycling symbol (on the bottom of most containers). When you’re recycling plastic bags, consolidate them into one or two bags instead of placing them in the bins individually.


Paper Products

You can recycle most of your paper products, including:

• Junk mail

• Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs

• Phone books

• Cereal and cake boxes

• Juice boxes and other paper cartons



Flatten your corrugated cardboard boxes and place them inside the recycling bins.


For other questions about recycling in Eagan, please visit:

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