Relax And Have Some Fun At Salem Green’s Indoor Pool

It may be cold outside but the indoor pool is a perfect way to relax and pretend you are on an island far, far away from the cold, the rain (and eventually the “S” word that most of us dread….snow!). 

OK, it may not offer the sand between your toes or the warmth of the sun, but the indoor pool is definitely a great alternative. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise, refresh after a long day, or to have a fun day hanging out with friends. Definitely take advantage of our indoor swimming pool. 
Our maintenance team recently replaced the heater so it is perfect temperature, just for our resident’s enjoyment! Rain or shine, the pool is open everyday from 8:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m..
The indoor pool at Salem Green.

Jump on in, the water is great!

Steve demonstrating his mad skills during the water heater installation.

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