Reserve a Garage Stall Before Winter Arrives

Winter is coming! Fear not, because remember – Salem Green has reserved underground parking available, but as winter rolls around the limited space get snapped up fast. There are still some garage stalls are available to rent for the winter months. To avoid being put on a waiting list, be sure to reserve yours early! 

Here are a few reminders for garage parking:

  • Always drive slowly and cautiously in the garage, being especially careful when pulling out of a space or turning a corner. 
  • Never park anywhere in the garage except in your assigned stall, even temporarily, or your vehicle may be towed at your expense. 
  • Due to fire codes, no storage of any kind is allowed in the garage stalls. 
  • Never run your car for an extended period of time in the garage. The build-up of exhaust fumes is dangerous to breathe. 
  • Never leave your children unaccompanied in the garage area. 
Call the Rental Office if you would like to rent a garage stall, or if you have any further questions (651) 455-2277.

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