Resident Highlight: Meet Jon

This month we’re excited to feature Jon in our Resident Highlight. Jon has been a resident here at Eagle Ridge since 2004. He enjoys traveling across the country to see different musicals. His favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera. he’s done some world traveling as well. He has been to Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and, his favorite, the UK. 
As he travels around the world, he enjoys collecting miscellaneous trinkets. Jon enjoys stopping in at the leasing office and showing us his collectibles and telling us about his journeys around the world. Below are a few trinkets Jon has collected, and pictures from his travels. We are very happy that Jon has been a long time resident and we look forward for many more years to come.
Some of Jon’s memorabilia from his travels.

Jon has some amazing pictures of the paces he’s traveled.

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