Resident Highlight: Pat

In this resident highlight, we would like to recognize Pat, who has lived at Salem Green for 6 years. Her parents were residents here for about 34 years, and she had spent a lot of time with them over all that time! Something interesting about Pat is that she is an author of a book called Building a Home for the Heart. It highlights the use of a circle process of developing relationships and healing. It was written around her work with restorative justice here in the cities.
Pat is very passionate about photography! She likes to capture nature and people in a way that speaks of their passions, revelations of their beauty, struggles, and accomplishments.
Pat’s favorite thing about Salem Green is the surroundings because they are so beautiful, with the lake and park across the street for hiking. She loves the management team and all that are employed here because of the services provided with unique spirit. She likes the pride taken to make this place a home for everyone.
We are proud to have Pat as a resident and look forward to providing her with a great home for many more years to come!

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