Resident Spotlight: Linda!

Linda has lived at two different Condor Corp. properties!
We would like to thank Linda for her residency with Condor properties for many years. Linda moved to Salem Green Apartments, which is one of Condor Corporation’s properties, in February of 2008. She looked at 17 properties before Salem Green and was very satisfied with the property and leasing consultant Julie, who is now the manager at Raven Hill Apartments, another Condor Corporation property. She said the apartment was exactly what she wanted and the view was great. Linda moved to Eagle Ridge in May of 2011 because of her new job location. She wanted to stay with a condor property and it worked out well that we had a location near her job.

When we asked Linda why she has chosen a Condor property for so many years she said there are so many things she didn’t know where to begin. There are a few things that stand out and we are extremely excited Linda shared them with us. In Linda’s words “We are just the best!” One of the reasons she has loved living with us is that the office staff is always willing to do anything. Her apartment has lots of space, a wonderful view with a private patio and large windows. The property’s  landscaping is beautiful and always kept up along with the cleanliness of the building. Her neighbors are quiet and respectful and she has noticed everyone seems happy.

Linda owned her own home for 15 years and stated that the Condor properties are the first place she has lived where she has not missed her home. We are very happy to have you as our neighbor, Linda!

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