Safety Tips

Vehicle safety

Don’t invite break-ins by leaving valuables in your car. Articles most frequently stolen include electronics, work tools, credit cards and ID, money, garage door openers, and sunglasses. Take these items out of your car before you lock it. Always stop your vehicle after entering and exiting the underground garage, and wait a few seconds to watch the door close so no one enters behind you. Never leave your garage door opener in your vehicle. 


Building safety

Never allow anyone to gain entry through the main doors unless it’s a resident that you know lives in your building, and don’t buzz people in from your apartment unless they are your guests. This includes delivery people and other residents. The police and other emergency personnel have access to keys and don’t need to contact a resident to gain entrance. Never prop open entry doors.


Apartment safety

Always lock windows and doors when you leave home, while you’re sleeping, or when you’re unable to monitor the area. 

If you see anything suspicious, call 911 to report it immediately. You can also call the Rental Office during business hours or the emergency number after hours. 


Renter’s insurance

Renter’s insurance is an affordable and effective way to protect yourself and your belongings. According to your lease, management is not responsible or liable for injury, loss, or damage that occurs in your apartment, garage, storage locker, etc. This includes loss caused by natural disaster, malfunction of equipment, or the actions of third parties (i.e., intruders or guests).

All residents are required to have a renter’s insurance policy in force throughout the duration of their residency, carrying a minimum of $100,000 in liability. In addition, it is wise to protect the value of your belongings with that same policy.