Salem Green Staff Reveal Their Favorite Winter Olympics Events

With the 2014 Winter Olympics headed into its final weekend, we asked some of the employees at Salem Green Apartments what their favorite winter Olympic events to watch have been. Here’s what they have been watching:

Julie: Figure Skating
Matt: Snowboarding Slope Style
Val: The Luge
Steve: Curling
Janelle: Couples Figure Skating
Jeremy: Hockey
Kendra: Speed Skating
Anthony: Snowboarding Half Pipe

Here’s some interesting facts about the Olympics:

  • The Olympics started in Ancient Greece and according to legend it was Hercules who built the first Olympic stadium as a tribute to Zeus and established the custom of holding the events every four years. 
  • The modern Olympics we watch today are very different than they were in Ancient Greece. The ancient Olympics had such events as Chariot races, Equestrian races (horse races), boxing, and wrestling and there was of course no winter Olympics. 
  • The first winter Olympics was held in 1924 and only had 6 events. This year’s Sochi Winter Olympics is hosting a total of 98 events in 15 different winter sport disciplines! 
  • To date the US has won 8 Gold metals, 6 silver medals and 11 bronze metals. The United States holds the lead for the most Olympic medals ever won with a total of 2, 549!

Whether you’re into figure skating, hockey or one of the other many events we hope you are enjoying the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics!

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