Say No To Grime!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to wash all the salt off your car that has built up this past season! Plus we’ve started getting rain (in early March!) and that always makes for some muddy vehicles. Remember that one of the perks you get from living at Lexington Heights is a car wash bay in your building. The 2300 and 2370 buildings have a simple pressure hose that dispenses water for quick rinses, but if you want to apply soap and wax then consider using the 2330 building’s car wash. With that building’s car wash you can add soap to grab all the grime and wash it away, and then give it a wax finish to make your car shine!

The car wash bay. Yet another wonderful perk of Lexington Heights!

If you don’t have access to the 2330 building and wish to use that car wash bay, stop by the office and ask for a garage remote. With the beautiful weather coming up this week, now is the perfect time to wash your car!

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