Saying Goodbye…

We are sad to say goodbye to long-term employees of Salem Green, Gus and Giselle. We had a get together and shared some delicious food and cake and told stories about the years they have spent here. There were many laughs and a few tears.

Gus and Giselle have been with Salem Green for eight years. They were caretakers for the 1465 building. They have three beautiful children, Jeremiah, Isabella and Emily. They decided to leave the frigid cold of Minnesota and move to the beautiful beaches of Peru, to a town called Trujillo. We can all picture Giselle selling empanadas on the beach! Gus and Giselle said they loved working here at Salem Green and that their favorite part was being part of the Condor Corporation family and seeing the residents.

We are sure going to miss them and we wish them all of the best!

Gus and Giselle reading a farewell card from the staff.

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