Six Awesome Tips to Make Your Apartment Super Spacious

We often hear from our residents that they love the spaciousness of our floorplans. Our apartments here at Promenade Oaks range from 783 to 1,595 square feet. Even with all that room, you can still follow some tried and true methods for maximizing your space.

Here are six great ideas for expanding the space in your apartment.

Mirrors: The use of mirrors can really open up a room. They reflect the lighting in the room and add depth. Strategically placing a mirror will make your space seem expansive.

Lights: Dim lights can fill the apartment with shadows. Use lights that are bright to open the room up. The best way to increase light? Natural light is the best for this – so open up the blinds and let the sunshine in!

Colors: With Leasing Office approval, you can select light colors such as yellows or cream colors on the wall to enhance the room. Painting one or two walls in your apartment as “accent” walls will help create contrast and a sense of depth and make the room feel bigger. Remember, all painting should be done by our staff of painters, so check with the office before you decide to go with this option.

Walls: Make sure to not clutter the walls. It is nice to hang a few pictures, but too many things on the wall can make it seem like it is closing in on you.

Furniture: Make sure the furniture and other large items aren’t overbearing to the space. Take a look at your living area and rearrange the furniture, or even get rid of some things that take up too much space.

Air: Once it is nice out, but not quite yet of course, open the windows and let the air flow through. If the weather is an issue, maybe think about buying some houseplants to liven the room up a bit. There are many indoor plants that help improve air quality.

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