Spectacular And Spooky! Lots Of Fun At The Salem Green Halloween Party

We had a wonderfully spooky time at Salem Green Apartments this week! Thank you to everyone who came to our Halloween Party on Wednesday. It was such great fun to see all of your cute and spooky costumes. At the party we handed out some goodies and had some kid-friendly activities, as well as a “photo-shoot” area where we got some great pictures of our residents’ costumes. Plus the Salem Green staff got into the spirit (spooky choice of word, right?) of the holiday and dressed up in some fabulous costumes. We’ll post some of those photos below, and you can see even more on our Facebook page.

As you can see, life at Salem Green is lots of fun!

Salem Green kid wearing Cheetah costume
Coloring activities at the Halloween Party

Brave Salem kid putting his hand in creepy box
Don’t put your hand in there!

Janelle and Ava

Julie, our Community Manager, dressed as a hippie, and her daughter Josie, a mini-Minnie Mouse!

Pin the tail on the Skeleton game at the Halloween Party

Pin the tail on the Skeleton game at the Halloween Party

Ronda and her awesome witch costume, right before she spun around and disappeared in a puff of smoke!

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