Staff Spotlight: Meet Jamie!

You may have recently noticed one of our staff members, Jamie, working in your building’s hallway. You also may have stopped to ask yourself, ‘Is he driving a Zamboni in the hallway?!’ Actually he’s shampooing the hallway carpets! Jamie has worked for a long time for Condor Corporation and he’s always striving to make our communities sparkling for our residents, one building at a time!

The winter months are always tough on the carpeting in our common areas due to the snow and salt that is tracked in by foot traffic. Remember to help keep your community looking top-notch and please wipe your feet on the mats in front of the doors. We all appreciate how everyone works together to make Salem Green Apartments a wonderful place to live.

Keep up your hard work Jamie!

Jamie’s thinking a Zamboni would cover ten times the area and be that much faster!

Jamie shampooing our carpets one building at a time to make this place sparkling for our residents!

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