Summer Notes

Outdoor Toys

Have a boat, motorcycle, or other seasonal vehicle? Ask the office about renting an extra garage stall. Stall rental is based on availability, so this is a great time to grab one for an extra vehicle or to plan ahead for cold weather. Due to limited parking, the storage of boats, campers, RVs, etc. is not allowed in the lots without prior approval by management.


Gorgeous Grounds

Help keep your community looking as beautiful as the weather outside with these simple tips:

• The yards will be seeded and fertilized over the summer months. Please help the grass grow back faster by using the sidewalks and not walking or riding bikes on the grass.

• As you open up windows and spend time on your patio, be sure to check any screens for tears. To keep out insects and keep our community beautiful, call the office right away to report any necessary repairs to windows and screens. 

• Be mindful of disposing trash properly, especially in outdoor areas. Always throw cigarette butts away in appropriate receptacles, never on the ground or off your patio. 

• Please don’t feed geese, ducks, or other animals who may visit the property, as we do not want wildlife approaching people or apartments. 

• Bird feeders are not allowed on your patio or on trees near your home. They 

attract rodents that may then enter the building and apartments. 


Grilling 101

The smell and taste of barbecued food is sensational this time of year. When you use the grills on the property, please remember to clean them and properly dispose of your trash before you leave.

Also remember that private grills are not allowed on the grounds, patios, and balconies. Any violation of this community policy may result in a fine from the Fire Marshal. 

Please be sure to use safe grilling practices while flipping burgers and hotdogs this summer. The leading factors in grill fires are combustibles placed too close to heat and cooking left on the grill unattended. Remember to do the following when you’re using the community grills:

• Never leave grills unattended while cooking.

• Keep all combustible materials away from the grill. 

• Use caution when lighting charcoal and avoid adding lighter fluid after the coal has been lit. 

• Always place coals in a metal container with a tight lid after they have cooled.


Pretty Patios

Put your creativity and green thumb to work by decorating your balcony or patio. Add your own personal touch with your favorite plants and flowers, and you could win a prize! In the beginning of June, the staff will judge patios based on originality and appeal. 

Remember that balconies and patios are considered common areas and should be maintained in a manner that’s non-offensive to other residents. While they can’t be used for storage, appropriate patio furniture, plants, flowers, and other decorations are always encouraged.

Remember, NEVER use potted plants to extinguish a cigarette. The chemicals in potting soil could ignite and cause a fire.


Tips for a cool summer

Your air conditioner is a small appliance with a big job to do. Please follow these steps to get the most out of your air conditioner this summer:

• Remove the air conditioner cover and store it in your storage locker or a closet. 

• Close all windows and doors. 

• Keep blinds closed during peak sun hours — especially if you’re not home.


• Put the temperature dial on 8 or 9. By running it at 11 or 12, the unit may freeze up and stop working. 

• Turn the air vent knob to the closed position. The open position pulls air in from outside. 

• Turn the selector dial to cool high first (if desired), and then switch it to cool low.

• To ensure a cool apartment when you get home, set the unit on 6 or 7 low and let it run all day. It won’t use a lot of energy, but it will keep out the humidity.  

• Remove and rinse out the filter at least every two weeks.

An air conditioner can cool inside air up to 15 degrees below the outside temperature. Please allow a few hours for your apartment to reach the desired temperature. When the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, your air conditioner may automatically shut down. When this happens, turn it off, open the windows, and place the air vent knob on open. 

If you think your air conditioner is not cooling correctly or if you need help with any of these steps, please call the Rental Office. After-hours and weekend maintenance will be managed according to outside temperatures.  


Noise Notes

As we all begin to enjoy the warm weather, please remember that open windows and doors make it easy to hear noise from your apartment and from the courtyards. 

Sound travels easily between buildings, so be conscious of your noise level to ensure you and your guests aren’t disturbing your neighbors. 

The same applies when you and your guests enjoy the pool area, grills, and any other common amenities.  

Please don’t hang wind chimes from your patio. Even though you may enjoy the sounds they make, your neighbors may not. 

Remember, apartment living requires each of us to be considerate of those around us.