The Best Way To Start November? By Celebrating Patty’s Birthday!

It’s a pretty exciting day at the Lexington Heights rental office – it’s our Community Manager’s birthday! Happy birthday, Patty! We are extra festive here in the Lexington Heights office. We decorated her office with streamers, balloons and flowers. 
Patty’s big plans for the day includes….

1. Move in all our fabulous new residents – it’s the first of the month (Happy November!) and that means we have some great new people joining us here at Lexington Heights Apartments.

2. Enjoy lunch from Buon Giorno in Liliydale. If you haven’t tried this local spot you should, it is delicious!

3. After work friends and family will be taking Patty to another local favorite restaurant for a celebratory dinner.

That sounds like a fun day! If you see Patty around make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Lexington Heights' Community Manager, Patty Celebrates a Birthday
Happy birthday, Patty!

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