The Heat Is On!

Our maintenance team recently tackled the big task of getting the heat turned on for everyone at Salem Green Apartments. The days are getting cooler and we want to make sure everyone stays warm and comfortable.

Here are few tips to keeping your apartment toasty warm as the temperatures drop:

1. Close Your Windows
The biggest single source of heat loss in your home is most likely your windows. Make sure to check all of your windows and make sure they are closed and locked.

2. Don’t Block Your Registers
Make sure your furniture is kept at least two inches from your heat registers to give them enough room to heat up and let the heat escape to warm the air. Do not let your drapes or curtains cover them either, as they will divert the heat to the windows instead of the rest of the room.

Put Your AC Covers On
3. The covers that you have had stored away for the summer can finally come out of storage and go on your air conditioner. If you have issues putting them up, just call the office and we will send maintenance to take care of that for you.

While you can’t avoid the cold entirely, following these tips will help keep you warmer and give you a nice cozy apartment to come home to. If you are experiencing any issues with your heat please call the office (651) 455-2277.

Matt making sure the furnaces are in order before turning on the heat.

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