The Heat Is On!

Do you know how your heat works?

Steve checking to make sure the boilers are working

At Lexington Heights Apartments, we have baseboard radiant heating. Each building has a boiler room with eight boilers in it that fire in succession on demand. The boiler is fueled by natural gas which heats the water in the boiler, and is then distributed throughout the radiant heat pipes that are located around the base of the walls in  your home.

Radiant heating is an efficient way of heating your home and has the advantage of not blowing air around your home, which is a benefit to those with allergies. Another example of radiant heat would be the warmth of a hot stove-top that is able to be felt from across the room. 

As the heat does radiate, it should not be restricted. Make sure that you are keeping furniture at least 6 inches away from the registers and keep the register flaps in an open position. Once it starts to get below 45 degrees, make sure your windows and patio doors stay shut so that the heat pipes don’t freeze and burst. 

We know you will have a wonderful winter staying nice and toasty thanks to radiant heating!

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