Three Beautiful New Babies at Salem Green

We’ve been overjoyed with news lately of several new baby’s arriving at Salem Green. It’s one of the best perks of the job to meet the babies when their proud parents bring them into the office. We love them and think they’re adorable!
Meet three of our youngest Salem Green residents:

Atticus James, Atticus was born on April 6th to proud parents Dale and Samantha. He tipped the scales at 6 lbs.. Dale and Samantha wanted something original when picking out a name for their son.

Atticus and his dad, Dale; and mom, Samantha.

Sean and Maria are so delighted with their new baby girl, Genevieve. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was born on April 9th. Genevieve is a lucky little girl as she has two older brothers at home to be her protectors and show her the ropes.

Genevieve and her mom, Maria; and dad, Sean.

Skye is the new daughter of Patrick and Jessika. The proud parents brought their adorable new family member to the office just days after she was born on March 25th. Skye weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz., and her parents are head over heels in love with this little cutie!

Skye with her dad, Patrick; and mom, Jessika.

Welcome home to all of these Salem Green babies! Hopefully we’ll see these kids at our community events and eventually playing on our great playground in the years to come!

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