We’ve had the crew from Vineland Tree Care out working at Salem Green. They’ve been clearing trees and stumps around the property this past month. Connor and his team have been working hard, it’s not an easy job in the heat and we appreciate all their hard work. The view of Lake Schmidt is getting much better with the area they’ve cleared opening, up a better line of sight to the lake. They will be wrapping up this project in the next day or so. If you see them around the property be sure to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Thanks.’ That is, as long as they’re not operating a bulldozer or stump grinder!

Check out a few photos that Charity was able to snap:

Connor, in the bulldozer, and his crew have been working hard.

We’ve witnessed some powerful machinery around Salem Green lately.

We think this is a stump grinder – either way it looks super serious!

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