Tips for Staying Warm

With wind chills currently at 28 degrees below zero, it’s dangerously cold outside. If you have to head outside keep warm by dressing appropriately and avoid being outside for more than a few minutes. It’s a good idea to keep a blanket and extra clothes in your car as well.

Here are a few simple tips to keep you just a little warmer!

Eat Well! 

Eating regular meals particular those that have good carbohydrates can help you stay warmer throughout your day. Hearty soups are a great, quick option sure to warm you up!

Get Moving! 

Staying active is a must when it’s this cold! Going to the gym may be the last thing you want to do but there are some great ways to exercise from home. Throw in a workout video or download a fitness app on your phone and get that blood pumping!

Cut the Caffeine! 

I hate to say it but the caffeine in coffee and black tea increases blood flow to the skin which actually causes your body lose heat! Try sticking to decaf coffee or herbal teas to keep your body warm!

Keep it Airtight!

Be sure to follow the Winter Notice instructions that we recently delivered to each apartment. Doing so will help keep your apartment warm. If you’ve misplaced the notice we sent out, here it is again:

Due to the extremely cold weather, we want to remind you not to open windows or patio doors at this time of year. The cold air sinks to the level of the heat pipes causing them to freeze and ultimately burst. You may be held responsible for any damages to your or your neighbor’s apartment should this occur. If the temperature in your home is uncomfortable, contact the office immediately and we will issue a maintenance order to repair and adjust your heating system. Please follow these heat tips as the rest of the winter season progresses. We appreciate your cooperation.

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