Top Secret! Mysterious Work Happening In The Party Room

Big changes are getting started in the clubhouse. Over the course of the next couple weeks you may notice a lot of work going on. Please excuse the mess in the clubhouse. Our handy crew will be updating the Party Room, The TV Room, Game Room and bathroom. Here is a little sneak peek, but this is a top secret project. We don’t even know the details! We can’t wait to see the finished project. The only thing the crew is telling us is that this top-secret project is expected to be completed around the first week in February.

Photo of party room doors covered in paper and showing two signs.
What on earth are they doing in there? The signs say: “Keep Out” and “Top Secret.”  Of course, now we’re just that much more curious!

Ryan on indoor scaffolding
Ryan moved some serious looking equipment into the Party Room. What does it mean?
Even the game room is getting updated! We’re excited to see the completed project.

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