Warning: Reading This May Cause You to Smile and Say “Awww!”

Back on December 12th a beautiful baby girl was born to Eagle Ridge residents Jennifer and Sergey. They recently sent us a wonderful photo of their adorable baby girl! Anastasia was born with lots of hair and weighed in at 7lbs, 15oz; and she was pretty long, 21 inches.

According to her parents, who have been kept pretty busy with their newborn babe, Anastasia loves to talk and mimic voices and play with her favorite stuffed animal, a teddy bear. She also likes to look at different shapes and objects. She has a Tummy Time blanket, which is black and white striped to strengthen her eyes. After all of that hard play, she likes to be sang to and rocked to sleep.
Please join us in congratulating Jennifer and Sergey, and help us welcome Anastasia to the Eagle Ridge community!
Thank you to her parents for sending this great photo:
Photo of baby with pink bow in hair.
So adorable! Anastasia is the daughter of Jennifer and Sergey, who are Eagle Ridge residents.

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