Warning: Super Cute New Baby Photos!

We’re so excited here at Eagle Ridge – Two of our young families have newborns to celebrate! We have just loved seeing and meeting the new babies.

Lindsey and Richard welcomed their newborn daughter Astrid into the world recently. Lindsey was very creative in her Halloween costume while she was pregnant. Below you’ll see a “before and after” set of photos. Astrid was 8lbs 4 oz and 19” long. Her brother Theodore loves her so much he is speechless (or else just a little too shy to say so).

The “Before”. We love how Lindsey dressed as Winnie the Pooh when she was pregnant!

And “After”.  Lindsey, Richard, Theodore, and  Astrid.

Another wonderful couple, Ben and Sarah welcomed their baby boy Mark Leroy into the world on November 7 of this year. Ben lived for a while at Eagle Ridge and then moved out for a year. He couldn’t stay away, he liked Eagle Ridge so much! And we’re super glad he came back to Eagle Ridge, especially because we got to meet Mark Leroy!

Sarah and Ben with their bundle of joy, Mark Leroy!

Please join us in congratulating these two wonderful families on the birth of their children!

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