Watch Your Step!

We have some visitors on the grounds. I am sure you have seen or heard them on the property. The Canadian Geese are the most common water fowl species in North America. These birds are very recognizable by their long black neck, white chin strap, V-shape flight pattern, and of course the obvious honking noise that we’ve been hearing.

Since geese are grazers and mainly consume seeds, grass and aquatic plants, Eagle Lake and subsequently Eagle Ridge Apartments is a great place for them to get in a good feast before heading south for the winter. Although we enjoy having nature’s creatures in our backyard, these birds can become a nuisance and stick around longer than they are welcome. We have put up cardboard fox cut outs to keep them off the grounds. They have scared a couple residents as well- so they seem to be working. (It is close to Halloween, however, it was not our intent to scare any residents!)

We just want to remind residents: DO NOT feed any animals or birds on the property. Feeding these animals only causes them to stay longer and look for additional food sources like our dumpsters, garbage containers and possibly plants on patios.

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