Way Cool – Progress On The Pool

Pool season is coming up fast! Here at Eagle Ridge we’re all excited about the warmer weather and the eventual opening the pool. It’s a big project to get a pool like ours ready for the season, and our painting and maintenance crew have been working hard, with hopes to have the pool open by the Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to check out our May newsletter, which will have all the pool rules.

The process began by removing the pool cover and cleaning out debris that built up over the winter.  We had to power wash the entire area and do repairs to the deck, tile, and grates. Then Scott will “dive” in and gave the pool a good painting. In order to paint he needs night temperatures to be above 50 degrees for two to three nights in a row, and he needs seven consecutive days of no rain for the paint to cure. Let’s all hope that Mother Nature gives Scott good window!

Once all of the maintenance and painting prep is done, we’ll start filling the pool – all 56,500 gallons of it – which will take three days to fill. It will take another three days to heat all of that water. While that’s going on we’ll be getting out the pool chairs and tables and making sure they’re ready to go. We’ll also make sure that we’ve checked and installed all the safety equipment.

The last item to check off before we can open the pool? The Hennepin County inspector has to visit the pool and give us a thumbs up.

And then we can all stay cool at the pool.

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