Welcome to the Condor team, Charity

Please welcome Charity to the Condor team
Condor Corporation would like to welcome Charity to our teamCharity will be working at several of our communities while she is learning about property management, including Salem Green. Charity is originally from Mankato and moved to the metro area in 2003. For the past 10 years Charity was the Manager of a Pac Sun clothing store. 

When she is not busy enjoying her amazing 11 month old son Harrison, Charity loves dance of all sorts (both participating and watching), trying new foods, and the outdoors. She describes her perfect day as one that would include spending time with Harrison, camping, a fire, coffee, her homemade tacos and guacamole, and a pedicure! Aside from all that, she would love to learn to knit. Charity is enjoying getting settled in their new apartment and looking forward to the opportunities ahead at Condor Corporation!

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