When Did Houdini Join Lexington Heights’ Maintenance Team?

Back in October we posted about how Evan, one of our maintenance team members, was able to fit almost all the way into a cabinet to fix a sink. A real Houdini of a trick we say! But that’s not the end of the story.

Not to be outdone, we have photographic evidence of Steve, another of our maintenance team members, trying to replicate Evan’s trick! OK, so his legs don’t quite get in but Steve definitely gets an A for effort!

Both of these fine men are constantly working to make sure everything in your apartments are repaired quickly and in great working order for you. If you have any maintenance requests make sure to submit them to the office, so we can make sure your home is just perfect for you!

Evan’s almost all the way in, just a foot remaining out.

Steve’s legs are a tad longer, but he’s just as committed!

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