Whew, It’s Getting Hot in Here!

There’s good news for our residents who enjoy using the sauna – Robert and Ryan have been rebuilding the men’s Sauna and it should be reopened very soon. We appreciate your patience during this process – we needed to make some necessary repairs to get the sauna into working order. Please use caution when using the sauna, especially if you are new to using it.

Did you know that some doctors think that saunas have some positive health effects? Check out this article from the University of Wisconsin:

Here’s a few photos we snapped of Ryan and Robert rebuilding the sauna.

Picture of Ryan writing some notes as he works on the sauna
Ryan doing some calculations.

Robert and Ryan measuring materials they'll need for the sauna.
Robert and Ryan did a great job rebuilding the men’s sauna!

Robert measuring the space inside the men's sauna.
Robert checking his measurements twice – like a true craftsman!

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