Why Do We Live Here?

This winter has seemed particularly difficult, what with the “Polar Vortex” bearing down on the region and bringing some pretty cold weather. Plus we’ve gotten lots of snow. (A big thank-you to our Condor crew for doing such a great job plowing!) It all adds up to make us ask ourselves… why do we live here?

We put that question to staff at Lexington Heights, and here’s what they said:
Patty: Minnesota is the best state for hockey!
Charity: Family trips to see holiday lights, which look so much better with snow.
Sara: “My family lives here.”
Jason: Loves to watch hockey at the Excel Energy Center, especially when the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Wild.
James: The snow is great for snowboarding!
Of course, the best way to tolerate the winter, if we’re going to put up with it, is to live at Lexington Heights!

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