Wildlife Should Be Seen, Not Fed!

Here at Salem Green we often see wildlife around the community; it’s one of the scenic perks of our lake-shore property. The wild animals can be cute, although we want to remind our residents and their guests that they should not be feeding the animals. Feeding wildlife can cause problems for both animals and people. Animals who are raised to depend on humans for food may struggle to survive in the absence of that food source when they begin to travel on their own. Plus wild animals that are used to being fed by humans generally lose their fear of people, and this can become dangerous – especially for children.
So, while the wild animals are interesting and awesome, please enjoy viewing them from a safe distance for both you and the animal, and please remember – don’t feed the wildlife. Thank you!

Geese at Salem Green, presumably playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

A raccoon looking up at one of the buildings at Salem Green.

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