Your Car Wants a Bath!

Is your vehicle covered in several layers of salt and sand? Winter brings with it some hazardous driving conditions and the road treatments of salt and sand can quickly build up on your car. Fear not! At Lexington Heights Apartments we have a car wash bay in every building so you can give your vehicle a quick rinse. 
If you want to do a more thorough cleaning, our residents can use the car wash bay in the 2330 building which has a more extensive do-it-yourself car wash bay with suds, scrubber, and wax! The additional settings take quarters, so bring some change along if you want to use those settings. The 2330 building also has a powerful vacuum for cleaning out the interior of your vehicle. If you don’t live in the 2330 building, simply stop by the office to pick up a temporary garage opener which will let you access the car wash bay in the garage.
So go ahead and make your car happy and shiny! Tis’ the season for salt and sand, but we help you cope with it by providing this great amenity!
car wash bay in 2330 building
The 2330 building car wash bay has soap settings for a better cleaning.

Car in car wash bay
Look at that car, it’s feeling better already!

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